Lowry and Fringe

I spent the last day of being 44 in very pleasant pursuits.

This morning, we had birthday breakfast with my dad at The Lowry. I had wanted to go since they opened last year, and was not disappointed. The food was good, but it was the attention to detail that made it such a nice experience — the menu for Beatrix at her place with crayons tucked into it and a bowl of goldfish crackers, the stool in the bathroom so she could reach the sink, the fact that the owner walked around to check in on everyone. Well, really the best part was the company!

After having read a blog post from earlier this month, my dad got Beatrix a bug collection kit, so we had to go home and look for bugs. I'm fully expecting the beetles we caught in the roses to be free-roaming around the house by morning, because the door to the cage is not so secure. Plus I have to leave the light on because apparently beetles are afraid of the dark.

Tonight we went to see Mu Daiko at the Fringe, a great show that we all loved. Many of the pieces they played had been written by Mu founding Artistic Director Rick Shiomi, which I had not realized. It brought me back to sitting upstairs at Mixed Blood in a rehearsal room literally half a lifetime ago in a conversation with a panel on Asian-American theatre, where I first met Rick. A very good meditation as to where I am now.

Off to meditate some more and sit in the hot tub with a cocktail.


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