Summer Break

We've been trying to get every bit of fun into Beatrix's summer break that we can. Which has been really nothing short of disastrous for the actual work we are trying to fit in, but oh well...

Yesterday, she and I went to Fort Snelling in the morning, which was a great time. We saw the morning "parade" (hint: not exactly Mardi Gras), explored the various shops and quarters, learned about Dred Scott, played some kids' games, and had a great time. Did you know that soldiers in the fort in the 1820s ate bear stew and drank whiskey? Beatrix believes "They should have drunk less whiskey and more water. Water is better for you."

Today we spent about 6 hours at the Fair with Grandpa Kenny, and then after some naps went back for a few more hours tonight. I would call it a roaring success — we saw everything from the animals and endless trips to the Miracle of Birth Center to the Midway at night ("That lady just ate fire! For real!") to the kids' farm, to the Mr. Bubble booth, to the Kidway (Beatrix's first Big Girl ride in the haunted pirate house) to the Union Pavilion to the DNR pond to butterheads to Heritage Square and the International Marketplace .... well, you get the picture. Beatrix has developed a great love for seeing live music, so we spent a lot of time at the various stages. No surprise, I have determined I am a great traditionalist when it comes to food: mini donuts by the Grandstand (I tried others today and they were not as good), malts from the Dairy building, lemonade by the haunted house, cheese curds by Ye Old Mill. It was a 2-malt day, so I call that a win.


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