3 Weeks From Today

It's the time of the year (and especially every 4th year) where things start to get really exciting. My labor union client is abuzz with energy. Lawn signs give a snapshot of the view of the residents. The majority of the calls on the land line are polls (or sometimes push-polls). I always mean to skip the debates and get sucked in instead.

I know some people hate this. Several of my Facebook friends inevitably make multiple posts about how much they hate the election period, choosing to focus on its divisiveness, its inherent challenge, its conflicts.

But me? I love it. I love seeing friends post about the things they are doing to affirm their beliefs and try to make the world a better place — volunteering on campaigns and at phone banks, participating in GOTV efforts, holding fundraisers, and giving, giving, giving of time, of money, of expertise, of opinion.

There's a lot of things I dislike about the current state of this country, and a lot of things I am disappointed in. I especially hate it that so much money gets spent on marketing politics, when those funds, put into programs, could solve many of the problems of this country in an instant. But if there's one slogan that I truly and passionately believe, it's that "There's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what's right with America."

So please, you've got three weeks. Have that discussion. Go out and make the change you want to see in this world. And tell me about it.

(oh, and if you need voting advice? NO, and NO, and then Yes if you live in Saint Paul)


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