Shop Local - Because The Service is Better

Over ten days ago, despondent at the pathetic mom-ness of my closet, I finally called J. Crew to schedule one of their free stylist sessions. The sales assistant who answered the phone gushed "Lauren is the best. She'll call or email you right away to schedule."

I'm still waiting.

Meanwhile, I stopped with Beatrix at Victoria Crossing today because she requested a cookie from Bread and Chocolate after circus class. While she ate an m&m cookie as big as her head, I browsed the racks at Hot Mama. After I had had a few moments to look around, a lovely young lady came over, introduced herself as the manager of the store, complimented my daughter, and asked if I needed any help. When I related my closet woes, she immediately said "Can I pull some things for you to try?"

Since Beatrix was with me, I didn't have time, but she asked my sizes, gave me her name, mentioned another employee that could also help, told me the best times to come in, and wrote it all down on a card for me. She encouraged me to call ahead, so they can pull some things for me and have it all waiting.

Will I likely buy anything at J. Crew soon? I don't think so. Will I likely make a splurge at Hot Mama? Chances are also good. Will that money stay in mainly my community, with a local shop owner who obviously trains her employees to be very sensitive to customer's wishes? Definitely.

I often tout the wonders of shop local here, but I am also rather cheap frugal, and I can easily get seduced by lower prices or "free services" at larger places. What I was reminded of today is that the actual rewards of shopping in a place with service, where I can spend a little more money on a much more distinctive style that truly suits me, is an extremely worthwhile investment.


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