Road Rage

Dear City of Saint Paul,

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fiercely loyal to, and proud of, my city. I extol your merits constantly, and in general I can overlook your issues (such as a lack of single-sort recycling.) But you have messed-up mightily, and you need to make amends.

Yes, it was a Big Storm. Not ridiculously big, but the first one of the year. Sunday everyone snuggled at home in their pajamas and made soup and thought "snow day!" Yesterday, we all knew it would be a little hairy. But TODAY? 48 hours after the snow? You've been ridiculous. I don't honestly remember the road ever as bad as they were today — so slick at intersections that people can't help but slide through, tutted and washboarded in between — and those are the snow emergency routes. The regular streets are 8" deep still in snow.

Various city folks have been making excuses all day, blaming it on the warmth of the roads when it started snowing, the cold that followed the snow, how they are putting out 3x as much salt as usual, blah blah blah. Frankly, I'm not mollified. We are in Minnesota, where it regularly, this time of year, snows and gets cold. Every other municipality around us seems to have gotten their streets plowed. You are making the kind of excuses that people make when they did it all dramatically wrong the first time.

So this is the deal. Fix it. Stop explaining how you are doing all you can do, re-call the snow emergency, and PLOW THE EFFING STREETS.


-  Bethany


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