The Post I Meant to Write Yesterday

This is the post I wanted to write yesterday, but then I got too caught up in righteous traffic indignation to do so. It's probably a more important post, but less ranty so likely not as fun.

My friend Laura wrote a really brilliant post earlier this week called "In defense of yes." Go ahead and read it, it's short and I will still be here when you get back.

That's why Laura is brilliant. Because she can say, in just a few well-crafted and evocative words, what I have been trying to express.

I've been oft-criticized for how much I take on. For agreeing to do too much. For (sometimes) putting myself out to do something for others. For not saying no.

I've been told, perhaps too often, that "Saying Yes is just saying No to other things."

And sure, often those comments are correct. And of course, I can't say yes to everything. And of course, if I do one thing it means I can't do another.

But I'm going to say this. Every time I agree to sit on a task force, or do a favor for a friend, or even put myself out for a family member — every time I make a meal for someone who is sick, or agree to do a project that I might not have time to do, or even just spend a few minutes doing an extra task, I did consider the equation. I did think about what I have to do to say "yes." And for my community, and my friends, and my family, and especially to teach my daughter to be the kind of leader I want her to be, I often say "yes."


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