Teal Couture

When I was a teenager, my mother and I travelled to Europe several times. My favorite city was Amsterdam, not for the stereotypical reasons, but for its accessibility to my arty-teen self. (Well, ok, maybe it was not so accessible the night David Wick and I walked several miles in search of the *perfect* wine bar, but I digress). My memories of the city — art museums, canals, cats, french fries with mayo, flea markets, ristaffel, hanging out in artist Giotta Tajiri's loft — are all wonderful.

But the city is best characterized by my perfect teal loafers, which I acquired in a street market for about $2 and wore into a pulp for all of my teens. Here they are:

Since then, I have been on the lookout for a pair of teal loafers; something to bring back my high school years and return me to that heady mix of exploration/confidence that was me at 16. And I just found them (and bought them immediately, though for more than $2):

In celebration of my new loafers, I also painted my nails teal. Only a few of my friends (I am looking at you, Leah, Rebecca, and Sarah) know how nail-challenged I am and what a big deal this is.

Finally, I've been coveting elastic hairbands from Anthropologie for about a year, but have never been able to get past the price (why, of why, do the beautiful things there costs so much?) So I was pretty excited to find these at Walgreen's for $1.50 when I was buying the equally cheap nail polish. (Ok, they are not quite teal. But close.)


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