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A few smaller things, none of which are are big enough for their own post (and many of which relate to New Year's resolutions):

-  I finally went to the dentist (New Year's resolution #2), thanks to Krista. Dr. Amble was fantastic and spent over an hour really evaluating my dental state. In a huge light-bulb moment, as he commented on some less-than-stellar dental work in my past (I believe his term was "butchery"), I realized that my fear of dentists may be well-founded, due to some of the work that had been done on me when I was a child. Plus he thinks I've been taking great care of my teeth since, and confirmed that my recent crown was fairly shoddy. Validating and affirming all at once.

-  We finally watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" last night. A wonderful and complex film that is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. Now I really want to read the book, and hope it stands up to the movie; the acting really was exceptional, and cinematography strong as well. It was also very nostalgic — the way we think now that John Hughes films were, in an indeterminate time between 1986 and 1992.

-  Finally got to the Y the other day (NY resolution #1). Patrick has been great about going, and showed me how to use all the weight circuitry. It felt great, and I am hoping to make it a better habit.

-  I have a cold. I seem to have been sick all year. Perhaps that's the enforced version of "work less" (my billable hours have gone down the toilet in the last week), maybe this incredibly long winter. I have *so* much to catch up on!

-  A benefit of the cold, though (and last week's migraine) — I've been reading a lot. Finished Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, which I got a lot more than expected from. When I first heard about the book I had a kind of visceral reaction of "Oh, great, one more thing I need to do better." But then I saw her TED talk and read the book, and But she had a lot of good points and things to think about.realized she had some very strong points. Highly recommended.

-  "TED Talks!?" you might have just said, "but you HATE watching videos on the computer!" True enough, but I have made it a semi-official new resolution to watch more of them. I would still love to go in person some day. Do you have any favorites?


Anonymous said…
LOVE Ted talks. I use them in my Speech 101 class throughout the semester.

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