It's a big joke that Minnesotans spend all their time talking (complaining) about the weather. It would be a bigger joke if it wasn't true. But this year — it's especially bad.

It's May 3 and it is snowing. Enough to stick on the ground. And it is cold and gray. And I am just so over it. We need spring.

Spring is a reset button for your life. Whatever bad habits you got into all winter, it's time to shed them in the spring. Time for a whole new start on your goals and your existence in general. Time for green and growing and baby animals and evenings spent outdoors and open windows and seeing the neighbors who have been shut in their homes for months.

Instead, we have this neverendingwinter. Everything is a slog. Every day my neck and shoulder hurts. Every day I work frantically to keep up with work and create absolutely nothing new. Every day I walk through the back door at the end of the day and am greeted with a tower of dirty dishes that have amassed there and have to be dealt with. Every day is yet another day that I don't make it to the gym or get any kind of exercise. Every day I think of the list of things To Be Done and just want to crawl into bed. Every day I lose a little patience.

And I think I am not the only one.


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