Wait Wait

So, last week I was able to cross off a long-standing item on my bucket list and go see "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" recorded live.

But it gets better — the amazing John Moe introduced the show!

And better — in a reception afterwards (more on that later), I got to see the lovely Joanna Schnedler, and hear my former classmate Dave Kansas (now the COO of American Public Media) speak, and meet his lovely and impressive wife Monica!

And even better — I got to attend with Jennifer and Elaine, the two best friends a girl could have, and the perfect companions to girls night out! (plus chauffeur service by a handsome man!)

And better still — my college friend Adam was one of the panelists, and so we got to catch up ever so slightly. Adam is an amazing and talented human being that I feel lucky to call a friend.

But most amazingly, Peter Sagal hosted the entire thing having experienced a brutal fall earlier that day, with an eye swollen shut and likely in an incredible amount of pain — but I guess his brain didn't get shaken up. Hosting in dark classes that made him look like a CIA understudy — and with support of a truly brilliant panel and production team — Mr. Sagal made it one of the most memorable performances I have ever experienced. Also, at the end, extremely touching.

Not to mention, again at the reception that Adam got us into, even more charming and witty one on one. Though I left it to Jennifer to eat his olives — and no, that was no a euphemism.


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