This week, because Beatrix had 3 days plus a weekend off school, she learned the term "staycation." She doubted me at first that it was a real word, but I think she had enough fun so that she will acquiesce the point to me now.

I always love Minnesota in the summertime, and am loathe to leave because there are so many greta things to do! I never seem to be able to go to all the festivals and events that I want to, but we did pretty well at it this weekend.

Wednesday we went to Fort Snelling, which may well be her favorite historic site. Seeing the fort through her eyes is always wonderfully enjoyable. Despite my migraine, we went to the neighborhood patio night.

Thursday she had a playdate with one of her BFFs, Alma. That night, we drove down to Hastings to see Black Dirt Theater's production of "Annie." They are one of my clients, and the production was fantastic, and we all had a lot of fun.

Friday was a pool party, and on Saturday we met our friends Rebecca and leah, and Leah's two daughters, at the Powderhorn Art Fair. I hadn't been to that particular art fair in years, and was surprised an impressed by how it had grown. Plus, we got to see Open Eye's puppet show.

That night, we went to see "Oz" at Circus Juventas — which was, of course, beyond fantastic. Beatrix was all dressed for the part:

Tonight, we saw two Fringe shows (Second Sleight and Heatwave), and ended the night with DQ per Beatrix's request.

Hard to believe it's back to the regular schedule tomorrow!


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