We're Jammin'

Today, my friend Rebecca was kind enough to come over and teach me how to make jam. Here's the thing about Rebecca...she could have just sent me the recipe she uses, or given me some tips, or even pointed me to some blog posts, and called it done and I would have been grateful. But, being the kind of person she is, she simply said "Why don't I just come over, and we'll do it together, so you'll know how."

So I picked up some strawberries and basil and the other items on her list:

Cut them up, mashed them down, and mixed them with the pectin and the sugar and cooked until the jell had set:

Heated up the jars, put in the strawberries and the basil, then heated the jars in a hot bath:

And then, after carefully extracting them and after they had cooled enough to vacuum seal and create nine jars of strawberry-basil goodness:


Wonderful people like yourself bring out the wonderfulness in their friends.
Reminds me of my earliest years helping the family can goo-gobs of things each summer and fall. Sometimes there would be nearly 100 jars of things sitting around the house waiting for the popping sounds of the seal to happen. Often sounded like popcorn. We kids would sometimes make up songs to the rhythms the jars created.
Strawberry-rhubarb compote was my favorite product. In the dead of the winter, warmed, over ice cream.

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