#Coldmaggedon and the Grocery Store

Like every other Twin Citizen, we hit the grocery stores today. Target was crazy enough, but Trader Joe's had been decimated; employees were taking advantage of the situation by cleaning out the displays with mini vacuum cleaners. Seriously, the limes were all gone, so no G&T for me!

As I walked through the dairy area, there was  amok asking her teenage daughter "What do you want for breakfast for the next few days?" To which she snakily answered "Caribou."

Which kind of sums it up. The reason the stores are so picked over is not because we think we can eat our way out of a cold snap (or put on weight to hibernate). It's because we are used to eating the majority of our meals out, and when we are faced with staying home, we get a little panicked. We buy All The Limes, and put a run on the frozen pizzas and the chili fixings. WE have cabin fever before the cold has even set in.

I looked it up tonight, and a few studies said that 25% of Americans eat fast food daily. 8 out of 10 eat it at least once a month. We're becoming (have become?) a nation reliant on other people cooking for us — and often food that's not very good for us.

(I'm not throwing stones at glass houses here. We eat out way more often than we should, though Beatrix has never been to a traditional fast food place and does not know what a McDonald's even is. However, we certainly eat our share of Noodles and Company and Pei Wei.)

So here's to some of the great food we can make at home in the next few days. I'm making carmelitas tomorrow, and some kind of warm, stewy, sit-on-the-stovetop all day something. Open a bottle of good wine. Have the neighbors over. Maybe read a book by the fire. And revel in what home means.

If you make something delicious, let me know!


I was totally there today, at the grocery store, along with the rest of Minnesota. The checkout guy, who actually was the meat department guy, said his shift was over already but with the long lines he did not dare close his lane. He noted that it's not like all our cupboards are bare either! But do we have something to make, or will we order pizza?!?
Looking forward to books and chili tomorrow.

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