Polar Vortex Aftermath

I have kind of a polar vortex hangover.

It seems like forever since we have had our real lives. The weekend before Christmas, we were all felled by an awful fever virus — first Beatrix, then Patrick, then me. Then the weird, mid-week Christmas — weekend — mid-week New Year pattern, which seemed like one long fantasy break full of friends and family.

Two days back at school (less or none for those in other districts, thank goodness for the SPPS' decision to start earlier!)

Then the weekend and days and days of cold. I didn't do the boiling water experiment, but everyone else on my Facebook feed did. We did, ill-advisedly, take Beatrix to the MOA for free rides. Our friend Clara and her son Alex hung out with Beatrix and kept our sanity together.

Today, it's back to usual, to school and before-school Spanish class and to a little girl who woke up at 5am and could not get back to sleep. To the dark, cold mornings that make me seriously wonder if we could get a morning nanny so I could Just.Sleep.In. To a backlog of work and a critical need for new tires and bills due and a seemingly unwarranted exhaustion.

Welcome back to real life, everyone!


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