Off of Snelling

Many of our neighborhood rambles take place in Ramsey Hill, especially the eastern end of Selby. But the Summit House, where I grew up, is closer to Snelling, and we've been spending more time in that area lately. Today, Snelling proved our central core.

This morning, we decided to try brunch at the new French Meadow, on Grand just west of Snelling. It just opened, after being under construction for the better part of the year. To which I say — if you spend that long building, you really should have something better to show for your efforts. The space was crowded, but most of all filled with poor design for customer service. For instance, the menus, instead of being at the end of the case where the (long) line starts, are RIGHT AT the cash register where you order — so you had better think fast. The water stand and all-too-small silverware and coffee stand are carry corner from each other, about 4' apart, so a pair of pointy edges barricades you (and the crowd gathered around the area) from the rest of the dining room. Color me unimpressed, next time we're heading to Grand Central.

After that, Beatrix and I headed to a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood event hosted by TPT at Mac, while Patrick hit Common Good bookstore (for this, we even parked directly on Snelling!). TPT events are fun and there is always a lot of swag, and Patrick enjoyed the alone time in the bookstore, so we all won.

This afternoon, Beatrix and I went to a free kids yoga class at Hamline-Midway Library (just west of Snelling on Minnehaha). The kids got to do some energetic yoga, decorate their own mat that they could keep, and then do some calming yoga. The teacher was great and I was jealous; I really wish I had the time and money to make yoga a part of my everyday life again.

Tonight, we headed to the final Roots Music: Four Corners of Europe event, an Irish ceili hosted by Hamline University (a little farther north on Snelling). I have done the publicity and the evaluation for this wonderful gem of a series, which this year included concerts and dance parties form Eastern Europe, a klezmer band, flamenco, and now the music and dance of Ireland. Beatrix has not missed one of the dance parties and LOVES them. The Irish dancing tonight was tons of fun. A couple of weeks back, when we sat in on the flamenco party with all kinds of musicians bringing their instruments and joining in, it was one of those instances where my heart swelled a bit with how much I love my work and how great my clients are. I'm so excited to be exposing Beatrix to music and culture from all over the world.


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