Productive Saturday

Apparently, we should start every Saturday by buying a truck.

We've been thinking about getting a truck for quite some time, since our neighbor sold his truck (that he often let us borrow). We wanted to go for the idea of a "community truck" — a beat-up, but reliable, truck we could have to lend out to friends as needed.And we found it in a former South Dakota government truck that we bought today, 25 years old with 90,000 miles. It definitely has its idiosyncrasies, but it's a good, solid truck, and Patrick looks like a total boss driving it.

And yes, "Truckie-Truck" (Beatrix's name, because it's apparently a boy truck) is eminently available for you to borrow and to make your life better. We really mean it when we say "community truck."

We got home, and while eating lunch, realized that nearby friends of ours had put a roll-top desk up on CraigsList. We had been looking for an art desk for Beatrix, so we put the new truck into immediate action, and ran over and got it. See, new truck comes in handy, and Beatrix has a new desk!

We spent the afternoon doing some TLC on the desk and cooking big batches of food to drop off for some friends and to freeze — stuffed shells, lasagna roll-ups, a crockpot dish, and a batch of bars. We cleaned up a little, did some laundry, sent off a refund, ran some errands, picked up the house a little, and hung out for a surprise visit from Patrick's dad.

We didn't get out to see the show we wanted to, we didn't get to a taproom (again), and we didn't get to get together with friends. But, given the fact that I'm still under the weather and it's been an utterly  physically, emotionally, and professionally exhausting week, I'm pretty happy with out productive Saturday!


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