Food and Art

Yeah, see, one restaurant review and already I am a food blogger.

But seriously, in the last week I have been lucky enough to attend two great food and art pairings (well, three if you count totchos at Tracy's after seeing Rosy Simas' awesome installation, but that's kind of an unlikely mix…)

The first was attending a benefit for Mixed Precipitation's Picnic Operetta. It was a lovely evening, held at the garden, studio, and theatre at Open Eye (gosh, I love that space). The drinks were delicious (gin rickey, of course, since it is #summerofgin), the food innovative, and the company lovely. If you don't know the concept of the Picnic Operetta — they put on opera performances in community gardens though out the harvest season. Tickets are by donation, the performances are first rate, and then they pair the performances with delicious food, all local, some grown especially for them. I can't think of a company that is more truly holistic in how they pair feeding the soul with feeding the body. Do NOT miss the shows this year!

Then, we attended 3-pkwy at Skewed Visions. It's a series where the artistic members (in this round Gulgun Kayim) curate an evening of new work at the studio. It was sold out, and wonderful! The first part was German artist Sandra Teitge discussing her project Dinner Exchange Americana, another fascinating idea and cultural commentary. To be honest, it was less successful in the 3-Play format than I would like, but I am excited to see it elsewhere, and that's the whole point of 3-Play, to take risks and try new things.

Food and art, interested to see how these things can pair without losing the integrity of each….


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