Some More Dining Out

We've also hit a few other places lately….

Had dinner at Sweet Pea's Public House a couple of weeks back (super-local types will remember it as the old Goby's). I had been insanely obsessed with trying it since it opened, and we had a nice meal with a friend and her daughter. It's a lot cleaner and lighter than Goby's but the decor is nothing to write home about, though there was plenty of room for the girls to dance and do skits after they finished eating. I had a lobster-avocado grilled cheese that was pretty awesome, but Patrick had a burger that he took home leftovers from — and promptly got food poisoning so badly from the leftovers that he missed his Goruck challenge … so I doubt he'll want to eat there again anytime soon…

Yesterday, after a summer of discussion between Patrick and myself of "Are taprooms ok for kids?" we finally went over to Burning Brothers Brewery on Thomas and Wheeler. Burning Brothers is co-owned by the father of one of Beatrix's classmates, so we figured it might be somewhat kid-friendly to go in the afternoon, and it was. We enjoyed lovely infused (and gluten free) beer, and played "Penguin Pile Up" with Beatrix. Fun and close by — we'll be back. I would really like to go to some other taprooms soon.

Adding those to some old favorites (The Lowry, Punch, and a so-so dinner at Green Mill made better by going at happy hours and kids-eat-free night so to was pretty cheap), and some great Independence Day party dining (BBQ, anyone?), and it's been a great couple of weeks of food!

Also super-excited to hear that a version of the Town Talk is returning, that a second Tilia may be opening in Saint Paul off the Green Line, and that Bradstreet Crafthouse is expanding and moving into the old Rye space (much as I will miss hanging at Rye with my friend Sarah). One new place I am not too excited about is Nelson's Ice Cream in the old Palumbo's spot on Snelling; they seem to mask generic-tasting ice cream with overly-large servings, and it makes me miss the Palumbo's gelato all the more.


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