Ace of Vase

Yesterday, I decided to make some painted vases. It was a mixed project, which is maybe better for purposes of this exercise than a perfect one.

I started with the kind of cheap flower store vases that seem to breed in our house:

Then grabbed some old paint from the ends of cans in basement. Mixed up the grassy, thickened paint, and then poured some into each vase. Gently turned each vase until the paint coated the inside, which both took more paint than you would think and of course did not cover evenly.

Dumped out the extra paint, then turned them upside down to dry. The paint, of course, continued to kind of sludgily come out.

The lighter one turned out well. The darker one needed a second coat, so we will see — not so certain on that one. Of course, they can't be used for flowers now, but they are very decorative!


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