"Enrichment Activities"

Beatrix loves her school, but there are a lot of other activities she would like to do as well. One reason she loved all her camps so much this summer was the variety of experiences. My friend Tracy said she limited her girls to 2 things each, but I quickly pointed out she had 3 girls….

So we are going to try to keep that up this fall, with:

-  Circus classes - they are a client, and she has grown up with them, and loves it there! This year she'll take 3 classes (acrobatics, side by side, and balance), and we'll see how she likes them. She already loves SbS with her friends!)

-  Ballet - after 2 years with the beloved "Miss Amy," she's moving on to Ballet Minnesota. She'll be a mouse/rat in The Nutcracker this winter! (plus she'll be in class with her good friend Frances).

-  Spanish - 2 days a week, she takes Spanish at school, before school, though Language Sprout.

-  Discovery Club - 3 days/week, after school, finally allowing us a little extra work time (especially Patrick).

-  Piano - through the Shubert Club's "Project Cheer," she can take a free piano lesson every week. She started today and loved it!

-  Violin - we're still looking for a violin teacher — any ideas?

-  Daisies - she adores her pre-Girl Scout troop. I do too.

-  Book Club - some friends of hers started a monthly book club. Much like mine, it's about 20 minutes talking about the book, and then some play. But it totally inspires her to read!

Somehow, the schedule works a little better this year, or maybe we are just getting used to it. It's great to see her try all these new things!

(in the picture, she is at her first piano class, wearing her Daisy shirt!)


Katie said…
I'm glad that we're not the only ones who do lots of stuff -- Kiernan's doing Daisy Scouts, piano, gymnastics, dance (still with Miss Amy, though I wonder if at some point we should move her, but she loves Miss Amy so much that I just haven't gotten that far yet), Spanish, lacrosse and then in a couple weeks swimming. She goes to Discovery Club on a drop-in basis whenever Baxter and I both have a conflict, so I'll tell her to keep an eye out for Beatrix. :)

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