Keeping Warm

I referred to a "case of the Februaries" the other day, and my companion knew exactly what I meant. By this point of the winter, we're all just DONE. Next year, I swear to god, I'm getting away for a weekend.

This weekend, though, I did two things to keep me warm:

A trip to the Conservatory with Beatrix on (yet another) day off from school. It was warm, and floral, and filled with birds. (it don't work, though, she came down with strep).

Then today, I visited a pop-up sauna outside Ikea (funded as a public art project). It was SO warm and comfortable. I settled in for half an hour with a book and breathed warm air and it was heaven. It's free, and still open tomorrow!


Leah said…
the tropics trails at the MN zoo are the best for a quick winter getaway!

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