Sundin Samba!

For the past couple of years, I have been working with a world music series co-produced by Minnesota Global Arts and Hamline University. It has been a fascinating look into world music and traditions, with everything from gamelan to klezmer. Music is by far the art form I am weakest in; I can't play an instrument, and don't have much musical background. But I have especially enjoyed this series (and loved taking Beatrix to it!) because of the way it has tied together music and folk dance.

This year's series is South of the Border: Traditions, focusing on Latin America. As usual, there are  a lot of related events: a concert, a family-friendly dance party, school presentations, workshops, etc. I have been especially excited about the Carnival celebration on February 22, because I thought Beatrix would especially love the masks and face painting and samba.

This afternoon, I stopped by the campus to take some pictures of the concert artists as they held a workshop with the Hamline band members — and that got me SUPER excited for the concert. They got the kids up on stage and drumming and really picking up the beat, right away. I can hardly see what they do with choro music!

What I especially liked about today is seeing the reach of these events. They are very multi-faceted, reaching all kinds of people that might not ordinarily experience world music, fem the kids at Hamline school to these university students, who started out really nervous and then really got into it as they picked up the samba beat. Definitely unexpected!

So, highly recommended to put some warmth into your cold February. Tickets at the door, or online in advance through Brown Paper Tickets (if you order online, you can go ahead and order with the ACTC discount as your "in" for knowing me, so only $5! from the regular price of $12).


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