New York, New York

So what else did we do in the Big Apple? Pardon the list post:

Day 1:
-  Met Patrick's friends at the food court at Grand Central.
-  Checked out the GC ceiling (Beatrix was super-excited to see it in a movie today).
-  Took the Staten Island Ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks.
-  Ate at Becco.
-  And, of course, Hamilton.

Day 2:
-  Brunch in Brooklyn with friends.
-  Checked out Dylan's Candy Bar (and a toy shop that had breathable puppy toys, Beatrix's likely favorite part of the trip.
-  Met our awesome friends Megan and Trixie for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.
-  Walked to Central Park for a carriage ride (our horse was named Blackie).
-  Checked out The Plaza and the Eloise store there.
-  Walked down 5th Avenue and window shopped.
-  Beatrix picked out Don't Tell Mama for dinner, and then we had to go back to Becco to get her the dessert she was craving.
-  An early night.

Day 3:
-  Free family tour at MOMA.
-  The requisite terrible, cabdriver ripped you off cab ride.
-  Real New York pizza in SOHO.
-  Rice pudding at Rice to Riches.
-  Checked out Chinatown and Canal Street shops (no watches or purses, but Beatrix bought a scarf).
-  Walked around the Battery and rode in the sea glass carousel.
-  Went to Trinity Church and found Alexander and Eliza Hamilton's graves (Phillip's was too worn to read and we could not find Angelica's).
-  Checked out the World Trade Center memorial site.
-  Dinner at the Grand Central Shake Shack (Patrick's restaurant choice).


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