The Art of Collage

My friend Nine taught me about the power of a journal when I was twelve years old. And over the years I have kept a number of them  — written, visual, a combination of both. They have been great places for me to go back to as touchstones, to see how much I have changed, and even more so, how many of my values and ideas have remained consistent.

At the same time, I have been an utter fail at "milestone books." I have a half-finished wedding album, and a half-done baby book.

I also have stacks upon stacks of images and things that speak to me pulled out of magazines, and no way to refer to them besides digging through dusty file folders. Even in the days of Pinterest, it's the real paper that strikes me

So a book like Collage This Journal is tailor-made for someone like me. It's full of ways to think about where I am now, and where I have been. and where I want to be.

Who or What do you wish was Closer to you has a pair of binoculars. I already have a picture of my mom and a beach lined up.

Create Footprints using pictures of the places you've been - is going to be chock-a-block.

Plant things would want to see Grow in your Life - is the most exciting page in the book for me.

I'm so excited to take on this book, and I hope to include excerpts of it over the year!

Here's some more info on the book:

Also, FTC compliance, I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review." (but all opinions are mine).


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