Shop Local Saturday

This morning, Patrick was ferrying around filmmaker Gary Huswit for the IFP Filmmaker's Conference, so Beatrix and I did  little local shopping — and had a great time!

First we hit Spoils of Wear, a new shop that opened on Selby near Snelling. The owner was there, and could not have been nicer (though we've hear rumors that she sometimes brings her pug dog with her and he was not there today = boo). The clothes are fantastic, very stylish and unusual and at a good price point. The store is carefully selected, and I loved a lot of the distinctive items. Best of all, all items are sustainably sourced, and many of them are local, so you can feel great about buying.

Next was ER, a tiny little extension of Elite Repeat featuring new items, many with a Minnesota theme. While Beatrix smelled the lovely candles, I appreciated the lovely accessories. There was some great jewelry, and some especially nice scarves and items (though I need a new scarf like I need a hole in my head). It's a lovely little shop, the perfect place for gift shopping, and had the bonus that I could stop at Cold Front for a flannel latte — yum.

I had wanted to check out Valise, though I was pretty sure it was somewhat above my price point. Honestly, that was my biggest surprise of the day. Though the clothes are not my usual bargain shopping finds, they are gorgeous and classic and well-made, and I can definitely see myself saving up for a couple of the items I saw. The biggest surprise was their line of Jane Iredale make-up, which is luxurious-seeming and well-priced; I'm thinking of getting together a girls night there!

On the way home, we stopped at Mischief, to pick up  birthday present for a party Beatrix is going to. Though most of their items are meant for teenagers and tweens, Beatrix fell in love with a lot of items there. I guess we're moving out of the Creative Kidstuff days and into some older items...

(Mischief is where I took a hula hoop making class with Hooperina awhile back. Highly recommended!)

Here's Beatrix, demonstrating on of her favorite things there (well, 5 of them, really):

Add these great places to the errand stop that Beatrix and I made yesterday, where we got cookies at Bread and Chocolate, looked through the racks at the Poppy pop-up, and tried on these much-coveted boots at Shu, and I feel extremely fortunate to live where I do and have so many fun and unusual shops nearby. It's been awhile since I've headed out for some retail therapy, and it was much-needed!

(Disclaimer: I'm not getting anything from any of these places from mentioning them, and they don't even know I'm writing this. But I thought they all deserved to be highlighted. Do you have any similar places you like to check out?)


Angel Chandler said…
Bethany- Thank you so much for stopping by Valise and of corse sharing it with your friends! I am so sorry I missed you and Beatrix. I am not sure if you knew that I owned the shop or not. I would love to do make up party with a group of your friends! I am so happy you liked what we have to offer. I hope to see you next time you are in:). Best wishes, Angel Chandler

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