Some Summit Changes

Yesterday, Beatrix got to spend all day at the Renaissance Festival with her friend Alexis:

Which meant that we got to get some projects done at Summit (as well as head to a tap room for awhile, where we excitingly cleaned our computer files...)

The back first floor windows and door had suffered some rot, which we recently had fixed. I used "Endure" paint to repaint them — we'll see if it really lasts as long as it says. Nevertheless, they look a million times better! (and I love the way this clearance mat from Ikea ties the inside and outside together.)

I also was given new blackberry bush, which I hope makes it in the raspberry/blackberry plot by the garage). Now all I need to do is find  new hammock — my old one mysteriously broke one week while we were not here :(

Inside, I scored some new throw pillows (free from a BST board!):

But my favorite project is the "book nook" we created on the second floor landing. I got the fainting couch (cheap) and the pictures (free!) off a BST board; the table was an old one I rescued from a dumpster 20 years ago, and the lamp used to be in my grandparent's study on Carter Avenue. If I had not just finished my book last night, I would be curled up there reading right now!


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