DC Circus List Post

Circus things we did this week:
-  Rigged and saw ALL Wonderland performances (blown away)
-  Saw the amazing Circus Juventus kids in various aerial and wall tramp and juggling demos, plus at the Circus School
-  Saw a portion of one cool East Indian dance performance
-  Ate several gelatos
-  Watched some flying trapeze demos (but no wire, sadly enough)
-  Saw THREE Bindlestiff Family Cirkus performances, each different than the last (love them!)
-  Indulged in some of the special, addictive circus lemonade
-  Shopped the Marketplace
-  Saw Universal Circus
-  Saw the sailor Family Circus
-  Popped into a discussion  about "Why are Clowns Scarey?"
-  People-watched on the Mall
-  Talked to TONS of people about why Circus Juventus is so amazing

Non- Circus things we did this week:
-  Shopped and ate in Alexandria (mmm, crepes at La Fontaine!)
-  Lovely dinners with Molly and Bernard and family
-  Alexandria ghost tour
-  Cancelled fireworks at the Air Force Memorial with Mark and Jenn and Ian (but still fun!)
-  Dinner at Busboys and Poets
-  Jaleo with Scott and Lia
-  National Gardens with Katherine and David, plus lunch at the Native American Museum
-  Holocaust Museum (from circus to Holocaust...)
-  Capitol tour with circus kids!
-  Supreme Court
-  Lovely dinner at Sue and Steve's
-  Fantastic gelato and hanging out with Catherine and family
-  Mount Vernon
-  Museum of Natural History
-  National Sculpture Garden
-  Newly opened Arts and Industries Building and Castle
-  Creampuffs and walking around Georgetown
-  H Street Corridor and Capitol Hill
-  Birch and Barley for dinner
-  Kremer Books and Afterwords
-  Lincoln Memorial
-  Memorial nighttime (driving) tour
-  Amphora for dessert


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