Summit Dining Room

I've talked a lot about changes in the dining room at Ashland, but that also meant some changes at Summit, too, including switching some furniture between places.

I never remember to take before pictures, so you'll have to believe me that the arrangement of the Summit dining room had not changed my entire life. Big table in the middle, buffet in the nook on the west wall, enormous china cabinet on the south wall. Eventually a small cabinet in the corner. The chairs were redone one year (after the Christmas after Patrick got the chair with the nail in it, and said "Ow!" and everyone at the table said "Oh, you got *that* chair?")

What got to me most, however, was the wallpaper border dating straight from 1982.

So this morning we switched around some furniture. The big china cabinet went to Ashland, and the little one came here. The new buffet that matched the table we had just purchased went in at Ashland, and the teak one came over here. Then Patrick went to rig a show.

And I got a bee in my bonnet about the decor. I was upstairs, looking for wallpaper to meant the spot where Winston ate the living room wall, when I found some pages from an old Norwegian hymnal. So I went to the hardware store, got adhesive, and covered up the border with hymnal pages. The I re-arranged the new china cabinet, and picked up an awesome framed print for FREE off the Buy/Sell/Trade board.

 morning's work, and the room has a lot of the same feel, but is surprisingly different, and much more our own.

Come to the next pool party and see it in person!


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