L'homme Cirque

Did you drive down Montreal Avenue tonight and see a whole bunch of people looking up in the air? And then slow down to see a man walking a tightrope at the treeline, one-hundred-and-fifty feet along Highland Park? Well, then you saw part of David Dimitri's one-man circus show tonight, but not even the most amazing part.

When we at Circus Juventas discussed bringing the show here, I knew it would be a good way to celebrate our 25th anniversary. L'homme Cirque has an amazing reputation, among circus people who are not easily impressed. It's been wonderful, the past couple of days, to watch our crew put up the tent for the show, the old-fashioned way, driving big stakes into the ground.

For 60 minutes before then, Dimitri had everyone in the audience laughing so hard their faces hurt, in awe of his prowess, and half in love with his horse. His artistry is beautiful but also hilarious, tying masterful acrobatics with side-splitting clowning. I don't think I've spent an hour smiling and laughing that hard in forever — my face hurts!

The show is only here for a short time, and it is honestly not to be missed. I'm planning on going back a few more times, if only to watch him walk up into the sky. I hope to see you there.

(You can get tickets here; reach out to me if you want to go and just can't swing the ticket price and I can make something happen for you. I really mean it when I say EVERYONE I know should see this!)


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