And Little Lambs Eat Ivey

The Ivey Awards is the annual awards ceremony that recognizes the theatre community and amazing performances of the past year. The brainchild of the brilliant Scott Mayer, last night was its fifth year, and it's established itself as an important annual ritual.

Sure, there are the jokes about it being "theater prom." And every year that I go I feel older and somewhat out of the loop. And I feel bad about all the performances I did not see.

But the latter point gets to the heart of it. We live in such an amazing community, filled with incredible people creating truly transformative work. And the Ivey awards celebrates that, and reminds us of the community we live in, and honors these wonderful people and this great work. And damn it if it doesn't get to me every year, making me tear up about this strange and wonderful profession I have chosen — and it does it to pretty much everyone else in that audience as well, even if they don't think it will.

So thank you, Scott, for seeing and recognizing that and creating the Iveys. And thank you to all of you who I work with every day. You are all amazing, and you make the world so much better everyday.

And yes, Nautilus did get an award — well, more to the point, the Baldwin sisters did, for Sister Stories. That means that, for the four Ivey-eligible productions we've done, we've gotten two awards. Not top bad for a scrappy little company, eh?


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