Free for YOU!!

Patrick is leading a "clean out our old stuff" charge, and so here are some things we are de-accessing. Let me know if there is anything you want:
- a whole bunch of plastic magazine holders
- a tall, open plywood bookshelf
- a low, grey nylon Ikea chair (think a cross between a director's chair and a gaming chair)
- 1/2 carton of kitty litter crystals
- a big bag of wildflower seed/mulch
- a medium sized dog kennel
- a couple of cat carriers
- a couple of plastic gas cans
- an infant swing
- a metal trimmed medicine chest
- a robins-egg blue lamp, in need of some repair, that I love and Patrick doesn't
- a couple of shiny brass, 90s style "chandeliers"
- 4 white and 1 green resin outdoor chairs in need of cleaning
- 3 folding plastic loungers
- a blue bin for holding things in your trunk (like grocery bags)

I'm sure we'll have more...


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