Ok, more to keep them in one place than anything else, here are my current wish lists:

Foodie Places I Desperately Want to Try or Go To:
King's Wine Bar
Northeast Social Club
Anchor Fish and Chips
The Strip Club
the new Saint Paul Barrio
to use my State Fair ticket stub for a free drink at The Sample Room
Blackbird (love it there) (but NOT Heidi's, see earlier rant)
Mango (ditto)
Getting my dearly beloved Bonecrusher (a JP fave), rumored to be at Tiger Sushi, even if I am not crazy about their sushi

And, unusually for me, I have a whole list of movies I want to see:
District 9
Julie & Julia
Harry Potter version whatever it was
The Time Traveller's Wife

Oh, and I want to pick raspberries and go the the Renaissance Festival and the Selby Jazz Festival (next Saturday) too. And get over to sit in the hot tub at least once this year. Sigh.


Kate said…
I went to NE Social Club last week and it was a big eh. Friendly service and great space but totally lackluster food. I wouldn't waste a free night on it.

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