Great Nights Out in 2010 - Post #1

Gandhi Mahal

It's been a hard week without daycare and with a lot of work deadlines, so by last night, we really needed to go out. Our friend Kate, the best amateur restaurant critic I know, had just mentioned that she had eaten at Gandhi Mahal, located in the old Midori's Floating World space, and they had replaced the sushi bar with a kids play area. Beatrix was stir crazy, we were hungry and in the mood for Indian food, so we headed out.

Our evening was, in a word, perfect. There's a table right next to the play area, and Beatrix was immediately thrilled. Baby dolls, a "Doba" (Dora) play kitchen, a little bed area with stuffed animals, a place where she could play on her own and then bring things to share with us — she was in heaven.

As for us, we were soon in heaven too. We started with micro-brews from the great beer list, then papadams with chutney and samosas (easily the best I have had in the Twin Cities.) Then chicken tikka masala and my all-time favorite, alloo gobi. The service was impeccable — from unfolding the napkin and placing it on my lap to constantly refilling the water to checking on us, and when I mentioned my dish was a little hot, bringing some complimentary raita for it. And we have leftovers!

A we were getting ready to leave, Beatrix became transfixed by a picture of the Taj Mahal and told us that a king lived there (who was I to correct her?) We certainly felt very king-ly. It's not the cheapest food ever, but especially given no need for a babysitter, and for a really nice meal out, it's worth its weight in gold. We'll be back!


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