Great Nights Out in 2010 - Post #2

King's Wine Bar and Piccolo

So the things I miss most about our pre-baby lives (other than sleeping through the night), is going out to fun, quirky, local restaurants. A wanna-be foodie, I love experiencing new places, checking out new places to eat, trying new things, and people-watching. King's Wine Bar opened some time ago, and everyone has been raving about it — I've been dying to go.

So our wonderful friends Geri and Brian (and Ravi) gave us an incredible date night — a gift card to King's and Beatrix-sitting for the night. We were sorely in need of a date night, and as we walked up the snowy path to King's, I was hoping it was as good as I had been told.

It wasn't. It was better.

First of all, the atmosphere is lovely, simple, golden and glowing, with excellent people-watching to meet my pre-reqs. We ordered a bottle of Spanish "Luzon" organic wine which was nice for the price point — slightly dry, but a little spicy, kind of licorice-mint. We coupled that with the to-die-for specialty appetizer, homemade tater tots with a gruyere sauce (they put the bacon on the side for us). I then had a lovely grilled cheese sandwich that was the epitome of simple good, and Patrick had short ribs with a port wine sauce (served with fries and fried shallots on top), which he reported was rich and tender, a perfect winter dish. My favorite kind of food — American comfort food with a twist.

It was the opening night for Piccolo, Doug Flicker's new place at 43rd and Bryant. Since we still miss Auriga, we decided to go check it out for dessert, thus getting in a few foodie street-cred points. The desserts were incredible; Patrick had a silky-smooth chocolate terrine, which I traded bites of my almond cake for. The "small plates" looked equally delicious, and there's a lovely little wine list. It's a tiny little storefront, which makes you feel all the more special for getting in.

Meanwhile, I think Beatrix and Ravi also enjoyed themselves:


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