Great Nights Out in 2010 - Post #3

So we've set up a "late night date night" trade with our friends Heidi and Chank, where we'll stay with their son occasionally after he's asleep, and vice versa. Not that we've actually held up our end of the bargain yet, but Heidi came over last night; though we were initially thought we were way too tired to go out (Beatrix kept us pretty much all night the night before), we're glad we did.

We had initially thought we would get our free "Vikings lose" pizza at Punch, but the line was too long, so we headed down the street to Salut. Absolutely brilliant move.

Mondays are $10 wine nights, so we ordered a bottle of cabaret sauvignon and some pomme frites. And you know, for $10, that was not a half bad bottle of wine! We hung out for a couple of hours in their dark leather, club-like bar, drank the whole bottle of wine, snacked, and talked about bigger things (like Where Our Lives Are Going) than we normally get a chance to. It was a lovely date night.

A few more evenings like this and I'll start feeling human!


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