Ok, yes, I know, I write a lot about food. Going out to eat, with or without Beatrix, is one of our remaining pastimes from the halcyon pre-baby/toddler days, and it's an important part of our lives.

And speaking of kids, I don't know how I would exist in our current lifestyle without Punch Pizza. The pizza is cheap but incredibly flavorful, and feels like you are eating something special. We can get lightning fast takeaway, or eat there with Beatrix. They have a sense of humor, and wonderful specials. Tonight they tweeted about a free salad with pizza order, so we bought 2 pizzas, got 2 free salads, and they tossed in some rosemary foccacia.



Leah said…
Dude I could not agree more. Pizza for me, pizza for Aaron (we have different tastes), bambini pizza for the kids, Surly ON TAP!, nobody blinks at squirrely kids, super fast service and we get out for under $25? Can NOT be beaten.

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