I've recently joined the board of Skewed Visions, and could not be more thrilled to be associated with an amazing group of artists who start with the idea of site-specific performance and go beyond to basically create art events that fundamentally change your life.

SV has recently wrapped the first year of CUBICLE, site-specific work that you can see on your computer (thus eliminating the need for babysitters, parking, or even clothing). Please come to an event celebrating this first season:

Meet artists! Eat best food! Drink fine wine!

All episodes will be available on laptop as well as shown projected on the studio wall for Super Sad True Love Cubicle Effect!

Friday, September 17
8:00pm until we’re done
Skewed Visions Studio
Casket Arts Building
Studio 209
681 17th Ave NE
Minneapolis 55413

It's free, and there will be refreshments, so you really should not miss it.

If you decide to just watch all the episodes at home alone, embracing your inner "I," that's ok too, but then you should make a big donation via check or Paypal.


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