Shop Local

It's been a wonderful day of sneaking in local shopping experiences like little easter eggs into my day. Each place has had something remarkable...

We were a few minutes early heading to Beatrix's daycare this morning, so we stopped at Bars Bakery, which just opened at Selby and Dale. They were incredibly nice to the twirling toddler, so I decided to send her to daycare with some caramel and cinnamon rolls and take some home for Patrick and me. These rolls are incredible — moist, flavorful, and well worth the price — and it will be all I can do to keep from going there every day.

Then my lovely coworkers Afton, Lauren and I stopped at Sweets for their mini-cupcake giveaway this afternoon (something with Bravo's dessert show tonight). The grapefruit and black-and-white cupcakes were little pieces of heaven, as were the Fall Spice and salted caramel French macaroons that Lauren got us.

This afternoon, Patrick and I snuck out on a date. Primp is not officially open until tomorrow, but they let us sneak in and look anyway and I fell in love with pretty much everything in the store. It's all cute and extremely distinctive, but eminently wearable. They do themselves no favors, however, by saying "everything under $100" because most things are in the $20-$30 range, meaning you can go in and buy a lot!

We then stopped in BlackBlue to do some shopping for Patrick. I love the vibe of that store, and their distinctive mens clothing.

Finally, we went to Karma, who is participating in Boutique Week. Patrick went nuts over how I looked in a little gray sweaterdress, so I had to buy it, especially since I had a 40% off coupon. Again, they have such great, distinctive options that keep you like looking like everyone else. They also had Sweets cupcakes, so Patrick got to try one, and fell equally in love!

There's a place for the J Crew/J. Jill/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Ann Taylor/etceteras of the world. But really, after shopping today I was reminded of how much really lovely stuff is available in my neighborhood that looks great, has a real sense of style, and supports local businesses that help our economy thrive.


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