More Great Nights of Various Kinds

We are in the midst of "two weeks without daycare" (Beatrix's care provider is in Great Britain for a wedding), but we did squeeze in a date night the other night — it was the perfect way to get out to some of our favorite places. We had a groupon-like offer for Cafe Maude which we love but never can get to; we still have traumatic memories of going on our anniversary and baby Beatrix fussing the whole time while we took turns walking around carrying her. Last night, with small plates and lovely cocktails, was far nicer. We then headed over to King's Wine Bar for dessert, making it a near-perfect night out.

We've had some other good evenings, too. Last week I had a group of lovely ladies over for drinks and chatting. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that. Also discovered thusly that Big House Red is now available in a box and that Big Top Liquors gives out candy (Beatrix now calls it "the sucker store" and asks to go there. Chuck and Solo Vino, take note). And last night was the kick-off of the SARPA Lecture Series, which went really well. Ted Lentz was the perfect speaker; he'll be a hard act to follow, but the October and November lectures will be great!

As for upcoming nights, we were just given some hen-of-the-woods mushrooms by the lovely Lauren, so I'm looking forward to an excellent dinner. Play By Play Books opens tomorrow night. I'm also debating going to my 25th high school reunion this weekend — no babysitter leads and unwilling to face it alone. We'll see...


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