Cold to the Bone

Everyone's had something to say about the weather this winter. It's been dismally cold, and icy, and let's not even talk about the snow. I don't remember this much snow in one winter since I was a small child, and I almost burst into tears tonight when the MPR weatherman predicted more coming up.

The facts is, I just can't handle much more winter. The snow is hard enough, but the cold is really getting to me. I'm cold to the bone — I just can't seem to warm up, ever. By 11 or so at night I'm too cold to get anything done — I shake and my brain turns off and I crawl into bed, where I am too cold to sleep. We thought about going somewhere warm for a vacation, but that fell through. It's all freezing and hopeless and horrible.

Basically, it's a life-sucking, bone-chilling, eviscerating, soulless cold.

I know this isn't really any different than anyone else here feels right now. But it's awfully overwhelming.


Leah said…
giant warm hugs, and a babysitting/date night to you!

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