Old Friends

I love it when my worlds collide, and it's been happening a lot this week.

Tonight I was able to finally experience live the photography of Deb Sussex, who I first met in a winter camping week at Widji 31 years ago. I can't believe how great it was to see her agin, having lost touch so many years ago, and to see her beautiful work glowing on the Open Eye gallery wall was amazing (do see it, if you can, it's up all weekend and selling fast!)

I was able to talk to my beautiful artist friends Nance and Mary, who I have also not seen in a long time, and learn about exciting adventures in their lives and their families.

Best of all, I was able to hug and laugh with and talk with my amazing friend Nine, and her stunningly impressive daughter Hannah. Nine has held the title of "best friend" since I first met her that same week at Widji. Over the years we've walked in the snow, written long letters, seen each other when we can, and though we don't communicate nearly often enough, have been in each others' hearts. I was reminded as we talked just how well she knows me, and how much we can easily just pick things up. And I was so happy she could talk to Patrick and see my beautiful, spirited little girl (who is just as at home as she can be on the Open Eye stage).

A mutual friend once wrote me "Nine is a witch who uses her powers for good to show people how to love," and it's true. Seeing the beautiful smile on my friend's face as we walked in the door and as she immediately ran over to hug us was one of the best parts of my year so far.


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