Practice What You Preach...

Nothing like working all night on a curriculum for a social media class to remind me that I have not updated my blog in awhile...

If you would like to come and experience Kelly Schaub and myself on the modest topic of "Mastering Social Media" on Wednesday at 4pm, check out Play by Play Books' event page here.

In the meantime, here's what I've been up to over the weekend (all of these, of course, involve Duchess Beatrix):

2 nights in a row at Ikea. We're trying to sort out our new front bedroom, and especially my wardrobes. We also got a great chair for the room (hopefully one of two), and so with their promotion tonight, got dinner free! Beatrix enjoys it, but keeps on stretching up to try to be tall enough to get into "Smaland"...

Good family time — a visit to my dad and breakfast with my mother-in-law at Good Day Cafe. Ok, the world's longest wait at Good Day and they lost our order twice, but the company was nice.

A visit to Shoe Zoo with a Living Social voucher from my dad to get Beatrix new shoes. Fell in LOVE with that store and will be going back.

Beatrix's first movie in a theatre, TANGLED at the Riverview. She was completely rapt. I cried. Damn Disney/Pixar animation gets me every time.

Some of Patrick's old friends (who I had never met) over for dinner Friday night. I tried a new recipe for a chocolate caramel pie which was a PITA but delicious.A wonderful evening of good food and wonderful conversation. I hope we see them soon!

A movie just for us — a rarity. The Kids are Alright, which we enjoyed and talked about.

Plus naps (because I think I have reached the very end of my ability to function on going on 4 years without a full night of sleep), a trip to Best Buy to recycle electronics, a visit to Ultimate Electronics (no wonder they are going out of business), some work, and some minimal cleaning. Notice no grocery shopping on that list? Oops...


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