House Facade - Before and After

It's been quite a summer for exterior work. Here is what our place looked like at the beginning of the summer:

And the porch:

Not bad altogether, but certainly not what they could be.

The paint journey started last September, with severe damage after a hail storm. We spent literally months getting bids and going around and around with the insurance. Finally our agent stepped in and helped. This is the final work done by Mike Faricy Painting (and he writes books, too!) — we could not be happier!

But what you'll really notice is the porch. When I bought the house, the porch had blocky siding on it. When stabilizing the structure several months later, it was like Christmas when we tore off the rotted wood and found all this great, hand-carved woodwork underneath! However, despite many half-assed efforts at porch rehab, it had never really been done right. Our handyman extraordinaire, Bob Fortner, has bugged us about it for years, and he was right — "Look, that porch ought to be the jewel of the home. And that's no jewel."

This summer we set him loose on it, and he was right. He spent hours perfecting it, and it looks incredible!

So, if you need projects done, we certainly know where to send you! In the meantime, come and visit our newly-redone place!


Kenneth Mason said…
Was already planning to visit before snow. Will now step up that effort! Well done.

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