Our State Fair is the Best State Fair...

We've taken Beatrix to the Fair every year since she was a baby, but this year we achieved a milestone I've always wanted to do — went to the Fair, came home, then went back at night! (my friend rachel still has the best idea: Fair --> Saints game --> back to Fair). And, we achieved all this despite the fact I had a monster cold that made me want to die.

We got there later than we wanted (see above note about the cold, plus a night of almost no sleep for everyone). Once there, we started right in on the required food — a malt from the dairy building, plus a Scotch egg for Patrick. We then met up with our friends Abby and Qui and their son Sam, to enjoy toddler adorableness petting the pigs, goats, and sheep. From there, we wandered up to the Kidway, where we met more friends — Geri, Brian, and Ravi, so Beatrix and Ravi could enjoy rides together. the carousel was a big hit (Beatrix loves them right now), but the bumper boats and safari train were also popular.

Then lots more wandering around, some hot dogs and cheese curds and strawberry lemonade, before heading home.


Tonight, when we went back, we watched a samba band at the International Marketplace (remember our youth, when it was the "Mexican Village"? And when did the "Space Needle" become the "Space Tower"?), then headed way up north to see the K9 show. we checked out the Passive House in the environment building (tip — also the nicest restrooms at the fair), the antique tractors, and Patrick's dream car, the new Fiat. We had some more food, including deep friend cookie dough, and looked around at the skyride and the lights, saw our friend Kristen's winning crop art, and headed home again.

Some observations:

- To Beatrix, the Park-and-Ride is almost as much fun as the Fair — she loves the bus and getting there.
- When asked about her favorite part of the Fair, though, she said "You would not let me go in the Wacky House and I wanted to!" Sigh.
- I'm kind of a Fair traditionalist on food. There are some things: mini donuts from the stand by the Grandstand, vanilla malt from the dairy building, that I have to have. Cheese curds are a nice extra, and the aforementioned cookie dough, a huge foodie blog hit around here, was delicious. But, maybe because I don't eat red meat, a lot of the "blablabla on a stick" leaves me uninterested. Patrick is a Sweet Martha's cookie fan, but I find them ridiculously expensive, and talked him out of them this year.
- I have incredible memories of going to the Fair with my mom, and staying all day. Now that I am older, I am excited to build some with Beatrix!


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