Perfect Birthday

In Mandarin Chinese, "four" is a homonym for "death." In the same way that hospitals here don't have 13th floors, ones there don't have 4th floors (or if they do, it's the maternity ward.)

Which is to say that 44 is pretty damn old.

Luckily, we celebrated enough to feel young. Earlier that day I got the worst mani/pedi of my life (Groupon fail), then Patrick and I got free lunch at Noodles and Company and did some shopping. But we really celebrated that evening.

We started out with drinks and sushi at Masu Sushi and Robata in NE Minneapolis. Great space, fresh and tasty sushi (we had rolls, always the best way to test out a new place), and the robata (little grilled things on skewers) were the prefect complement to the drinks and sushi. Plus they sent over free shots of sake!

We then headed to the speakeasy-like atmosphere of the Marvel Bar for cocktails before dinner. Loved it — very cozy, perfectly mixed drinks, the kind of feeling you used to get at the New French.

Then dinner upstairs at The Bachelor Farmer. Very fresh, we tried lots of small plates. Made me proud to be Norwegian!

Finally, a Fringe show — the show itself (some dance piece I have already forgotten the name of) was not all that great, but it was wonderful to be out. Much as I love my life now, i do miss the night when we could go out to hip places and shows, and it was lovely to recreate that, if only for an evening.


(Great rest of the weekend too — planted raspberries and mint, got yard work done at the Summit House, finally saw Nicole Curtis' Minnehaha place which is on the market and which you should buy, saw more Fringe shows, went to the wine bar with Krista...)


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