The Big Easy

Mardi Gras so far has been wonderful. The "traditional" New Orleans things have pretty much gone by the wayside due to crowds and parking and the like — we have not even had beignets yet! — but we've made up for it with more special activities. A lot of hanging with family, and of course, a lot of parades. More on that later.

The other night, though, we were headed out to Endymion, which is the big Mid-City parade. It was storming off and on all day, which meant that the parade and it's start time kept on changing all day — it was off, it was on, starting early, starting late, the route changed, etc. Finally we were heading off to it when we got caught in a torrential downpour (quoting Beatrix "It's like we jumped in a swimming pool and forgot to take our clothes off!"), and abandoned plans. That became a rare night where Patrick and I got to go out for dinner by ourselves, while Beatrix stayed with her grandmother; we made up for it yesterday by sitting through 5 parades.

So what I have learned here is that plans are meant to change at a moment's notice, and you just have to roll with it. It's why it's called "The Big Easy." May or may not work with other aspects of my life, but it works for now!


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