Why I Shop Local

After a long day, we had a few quick errands to run tonight, all of which reminded me why I try to shop locally.

First we headed over to the Northern Warehouse, where the remainder of the books from the dearly-departed Play by Play Bookstore were set out for free. 3 bags of books later, I missed that place even more than I could have thought possible.

Then we headed over to Flirt, where I browsed a little, tasted some champagne, and had chocolates form Chocolate Celeste. Beatrix, ever the budding foodie, really liked the chocolates. Kae from Brow Chic was there finding the perfect lipstick tint for me (Oona, from Julie Hewett Cosmetics, in case you need to know), and Patrick and Beatrix headed next door to Beatrix's favorite store, Patina.

Finally, stopped for dinner at Punch on the way home, whose virtues I have often extolled here. Tonight, though 3/4 of the tables had finished eating, absolutely everyone was hanging out talking, and though we waited for about 10 minutes, nothing turned over; the friendly staff gave us free pizza coupons for the inconvenience.

Contrast that with the similar alternative — a run to Barnes and Noble, stopping at Victoria's Secret to look at lingerie, and Domino's. They rather pale in comparison, don't they?


hilary said…
What, no stop at Two Smart Cookies?
bethanyg said…
They were closed, silly people! Beatrix was crushed by that.

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