Hail, Boreas!

This year, we were lucky enough to take in two Winter Carnival events (plus, of course, the vicarious watching of the medallion hunt).

Last week, we took Beatrix down to see the ice sculptures in Rice Park (having decided it was too cold to go to the Art Shanties). The big ones were finished and we all loved seeing them. They were carving the smaller ones, which was also fascinating to watch, but Beatrix especially liked the penguins, so when we got back, we put up our own plastic penguins in our torn-up yard.

We meant to go back and see them lit up one evening, but Monday's warm weather kind of hindered that plan after it melted most of them!

The warm weather was greta for the Torchlight Parade, though. It was our second year attending, and we have learned to sit was down close to the beginning, where the crowds are smaller and the parade moves a little faster. Ever the seasoned parade-goer, Beatrix knew to bring a pillow to sit on, a blanket for her lap, a bag for candy and beads thrown, and snacks (all of which she made use of). She'll be greta at Mardi Gras!

Finally, this morning, as we waited to meet our friend Bruce for breakfast at the Saint Paul Hotel, Beatrix got to meet and talk to (and hug, and get a button from), the Queen of Snows. I'm pretty much sure that made her year.


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