Calgon - Take Me Away!

It's been an insanely crazy week (I would say it's been "awful," but I have such good and supportive friends that they have made it much better!) between some major/emergency house issues, being behind (and thus ticking off) clients, a hitch with one of the boards I serve on, it would be a hard enough time. Add to that a major (emergency hospitalization) crisis with my father-in-law that has sent Patrick out to DC on a moment's notice and for whatever time it takes, and you add in a lot of worry and concern and fear, plus expense, and a solo-parenting week that has been nothing short of all-consuming. In short: It Sucks Right Now.

During times like this (mainly when I am trying to fall back asleep after Beatrix's 4th, 5th, 6th-or-beyond wake-up of the night), I try to think of some way I am going to reward myself "when it is all over." Top fantasies include:

- A couple of hours shopping, even if it is just window-shopping
- A couple of hours to just hang out and read in a coffeeshop
- That lovely new lipstick I am coveting
- A makeover
- A spa day, or even a mani-pedi
- Uninterrupted time to paint the front living room
- Cloth to make a new skirt
- A date night at a fabulous restaurant with my husband
- Or even just cocktails — mmm, cocktails
- Or any meal out at all!
- My files and computer magically organized
- Pretty new hanging file folders and sharpies
- A movie (and I think I missed out on good early-order seats for THE HUNGER GAMES, dammit)
- A cleaning lady
- The new bedframe I love at Ikea
- Flowers
- A letter in the mail
- A digital camera that's not my phone
- Chocolate chip cookies
- Yoga or pilates

Of course, the problem is that I think of these things, and then I get "through it," and then I never do them. So I need to find a way to fix that.

What about you? What are your rewards?


BirdBrain said…
saw the Hunger Games at 12:01am friday with Ivy (Tristan's sister)who turned 13 in january. she has read all the books and loved them so thought it would be a nice surprise for her. she was THRILLED when I showed up at 8:00pm to go with no prior notice (I had reserved tickets). in the end it was Me that was thrilled I loved the movie, was IN IT the first few minutes. we even got free passes due to the theatre being to warm. worth the 3 hours sitting waiting watching grown women dressing up like characters from the Book/Movie, may even go buy the books or borrow from library. Calgon took me away indeed!

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