Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake

Ok, here's my secret. I think Kate In The Kitchen is amazing. If you don't already, you should follow her blog, or on Twitter. She's smart, funny, and amazing with food and more so with writing. Though we have a lot of mutual friends, I have only met her IRL once, at a crowded conference, so for her part, Kate is probably either bemused or annoyed by how much I look up to what she creates.

In any case, Kate tweeted about making a grapefruit olive oil cake, and pear scones, the other day, and that really hit the spot, enough so that I felt compelled to try the cake with some rather-past-their-prime grapefruit sitting on the counter.

I zested the rinds and mixed the with sugar to infuse them.

Juiced the grapefruit.

Mixed the fresh juice with some yoghurt and added eggs and the oil.

Actually mixed the dry ingredients (including whole wheat flour, see, it's healthy!) separately and added them slowly, and then baked in my favorite bundt pan.

Whipped up a glaze and it was delicious.

Easy to make, unusual, and delicious. I love the fact that being part of social media brings things like this to my life. Thanks so much for inspiring me, Kate!

(earlier this week I made a rich red wine cake I saw on Pinterest, next up, the pear scones)


Randy Nordquist said…
That looks fantastic. One for our next board meeting if you are so inclined? I need to taste this!

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